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Number of legs not withstanding, these are our children, never forgotten.

One was old, one was too young, all were loved beyond every measure.

Now they run and play, and wait for the day,

when we join each other at the Rainbow Bridge.

This is Sassy.  She's 13 years old, and was one of our inside children until she decided to run outside and live out there for over 2 years.

When we lost CiCi, our our hearts and home were empty, so with some effort, we caught her and brought her in.  As you can see, she's content to be with the family again.

I hope the cell phone she's using for a pillow doesn't ring.

Please offer a prayer and click on a picture, for they have gone too soon, much too soon.
Sep 12, 91
Mar 19, 04

12 Years


Dec 18, 91 Apr 17, 05

13 Years


Aug 15, 05 Jul 14, 12

7 Years


Jul 15, 95

Jul 26, 13

18 Years

Sep 9, 00
Nov 13, 14

14 Years

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